Absolute Ultra Clear Pond 55W UVC Clarifier - UCP55

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Latest design technology in plastic UVC units. 55W Ultra Violet Clarifier for the pond or steriliser for the aquarium.

Superior design allows simple maintenance of the quartz glass, seals & lamp. An easy to service 55W Ultra Violet Clarifier for the outdoor pond or sterilizer for the aquarium. Suitable also for industrial applications.


  • Turbulent vortex flow design for maximum UV-C light dwell time exposure
  • Designed to maintain clear pond water if used within the pond stress variations of sunlight, pond volume & fish load
  • In-built UVC cut-out microswitch for user safety to reduce the chance of UVC radiation injury if switched on whilst fitting new lamp.
  • Uses easy-to-service engineering design technology - see More Views for detail
  • Simple design allowing easy installation, disassembly, maintenance & cleaning
  • Viewing glass for UVC lamp check. Lamp glow indicator viewing window is fitted to one of the outlets.
  • Designed to be mounted or fastened horizontally


  • Suggested maximum flow rate for our hot Australian conditions: 9250L/hr (fill 20L bucket in 8 secs)
  • The total pond water should pass through the UVC every 1 1/2hrs to 2 1/2hrs (depending on the fish load). The shorter limit is optimum.
  • Australian electrical equipment approval - Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM safety tick of approval)
  • Rated IP67 for waterproof outdoor use
  • 55W/240V - uses efficient PL-L55WTUV lamp.
  • The serviceable UVC electrical head contains the ballast circuitry
  • Quartz glass tube covering the UV lamp permits effective penetration of UV rays. Ordinary glass cuts this by 90%
  • Body is sunlight UV resistant plastic
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 1 1/2" BSP male plumbing thread (48.7mm OD). Supplied with  25mm, 32mm, 40mm stepped-down barbed adaptors for soft flexible tubing.
  • Maximum permissible pump head or lift: 7.0m (Otherwise the pressure could burst the seals)
  • Cable Length: 5m.
  • Dimensions: (L)645mm long x (W)146mm x (H)130mm
  • Made in China

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