Aqua Nova NPF-30 240V Pressurised UV + Bio Filter ( 11 watt )

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Supplied with 240V IP44 rated external cable mounted ballast. Filters 6500L with 500cm combined length of goldfish/native fish or 13000L with no fish.

240V MODEL  - Includes 3 multi-grade foams and bio-balls & 11W UVC.


  • The filter unit is IP44 rated as weatherproof & can be buried in the garden up to the lid.
  • 6.6m 240V cable which has an IP44 rated ballast fitted externally. Ballast is moulded to the cable 2m from the 3-pin plug
  • Full 360 degree outlet head adjustment.
  • Cleaning indicator for foam sponge maintenance
  • Uses industry standard PL-S 11WTUV bulb.
  • Epoxy encapsulated UVC electrical head for assured reliability.
  • Step-down outlet adaptor 20/25/32/40mm & 1 1/2"BSP male threaded outlet & inlet.
  • 30L vessel.
  • Dimensions: 370x370x605mm high.
  • Maximum recommended flow-through rate: 4500L/hr (This is equivalent to filling a 20L bucket with water in 15 seconds).

Ideal pump partner is the:


Fish stocking & density: Up to 50cm of goldfish per 1000L of pond volume. (total measurement of the fish lengths). Fish must be added to the pond in stages to 50% over the first 6 months, which then allows for growth to maximum capacity. This is taken from common industry practice.

Pond sizing for Australian hot conditions:
Suits 13000L pond with waterplant life with NO fish.
Suits 6500L pond with waterplant life with some goldfish/natives
Suits 4300L pond with some Koi Carp.


  • The barrel containing the foams & bio-media balls is a pond sewage treatment plant which requires clear potentially toxic water to function. The less you open it the more beneficial bacteria growth will result.
  • The system must NEVER be used as a vacuum cleaner to clear debris or cloudy water. This management method makes the smothered biological activity non-effective.
  • The UVC lamp to be effective must be replaced between 9 - 12 months as it loses strength. Shaded ponds with waterplants often do not require the lamp, but an unsuspecting increase in nitrogen levels and a hot day can cause an instant algae bloom. A functioning lamp will keep this under control.

Aqua Nova  External Pond UV Bio-Filter - NPF10, NPF20 & NPF30 use low cost industry standard PL-S TUV lamps. We keep the full range of these UV lamps as spare parts.

Filter foam maintenance. The filter/UVC unit must work dirty to preserve the bacteria. If foams are blocked, remove & wash only in a bucket of non-chlorinated water (e.g. pond water). The foams will often shrink but as long as they are porous the system will remain efficient. 

Country of Manufacture: China
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty - covering manufacturing faults, excluding UV lamp.

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