Aqualux LED 24V AC/DC Strip Lighting AQS-260-24-2700 - 10m Reel

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High quality LED Lighting Strip with 3M adhesive backing which is designed for 24VAC-powered applications both in outdoor landscaping and indoor installations

Available also in Cut-to-length to 0.1m increment (100mm) quantities or here in reels of 10m strip length.

Aqualux AQS-260-24-2700 High quality LED Lighting Strip which is designed for AC-powered applications both in outdoor landscaping and indoor installations.

We also supply this product as Cut-to-length to 0.1m increment (100mm) quantities, e.g. you can order 1.3m or buy here in full 10m reels at a discounted price


  • 3M Adhesive backing - no screw fasteners required when applied to a clean smooth surface.
  • 60 x LEDs per metre
  • 24VAC-Compatible (preferred). Can also be run on 24VDC
  • Compatible with our AQO range of toroidal 24V Transformer Power Supplies, AQS-260 strip will run off the same AC-trunk cable as other 24V lights in the Aqualux range - greatly simplifying cabling and installation issues.
  • With no dedicated DC driver required, system and installation costs are also reduced.
  • IPX6 Rated
  • Coated in a Parylene-C CVD process, AQS-260 is IPX6 rated, providing protection in most damp and exposed locations. Avoidance to direct sunlight (i.e. intense UV) should be avoided.
  • Should mechanical protection be required, we recommend installation into an aluminium profile.
  • Dimmable on 24VAC by dimming the 240V power to the transformer with a standard 240V Universal Dimmer such as a Clipsal Universal 32E450UDM. This in conjunction with our AQO24 range of power supplies will give smooth dimming from 0% - 90%  with unprecedented ease of installation - no more 1-10V/PWM/Resistance confusion.

Please Note: Due to the Parylene coating process, solder joints should be lightly abraded/scraped before attempting soldering. Recoat the soldered connection using silicon conformal spray or wipe over with a smear of silicone sealant.


  • Product Code: AQS-260-24-2700
  • Input Voltage: 24V AC or 24V DC
  • Watts / M: 11.6W (24V AC) or 14.8W (24V DC)
  • Lumens / M: 690 (on 24V AC) or 1085 (on 24V DC)
  • LED: LG 5630
  • CCT: Colour Temp 2765K (Duv -0.0020)
  • Chromacity: x=0.4512 y=0.4031 / u’=0.2603 v’=0.5231
  • CRI: 83 (Ra)
  • IP Rating: IPX6
  • Protective Coating: Parylene-C
  • Maximum LED strip Run Length from 24V AC low voltage trunk cable connection: 7m
  • Maximum LED strip Run Length from 24V DC low voltage trunk cable connection: 5m
  • Each strip must have it's own low voltage hook-up lead. The strips cannot be joined together in series or end to end
  • Cut Interval: 100mm - solder points for supply cable at each 100mm
  • Dimensions of strip: (nominal) 10.2mm wide x 1.8mm thick
  • Power Supply Compatibility: 24V AC Magnetic Iron Core Transformer or 24V DC Constant Voltage
  • Dimming Support: Clipsal Universal 32E450UDM
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