Aquascape DIY Black Waterfall Foam Sealant 16oz (454g) 21053

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    Your paradise. Our passion

DIY expanding black polyurethane foam. Perfect for easy waterfall cascade construction

    Your paradise. Our passion

Expanding black polyurethane foam. Check out the benefits:

  • Ideal for filling gaps & spaces between rocks, diverting water as required down the exposed face of the cascade, rather than behind. It is easily camouflaged into the landscape, if exposed, by bedding into it's surface prior to curing, sands, pebbles & small related rocks
  • Helps optimise water flow
  • Beats mixing & using messy black-oxided sand/cement mortar along with it's clean-up
  • Black colour is easily hidden and is UV resistant
  • Safe for for fish & plants
  • Supplied with 2x dispensing straws and trigger
  • Contents weight: 454g

This product is not designed to make a pondage watertight. That is the job of the pond liner

If you do not use all the contents of the can, you can continue using the can later, but you must clean up the straws & nozzle/trigger by immersing them in acetone prior to the foam setting

See our full range of Aquascape Black Expanding Foam products.This includes the more economical professional can and applicator gun.

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