Blagdon Interpet Green Away Algae Control 500ml - 2683

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Helps to control unsightly cloudy green suspended algal blooms, commonly called "Pea Soup".

Green Away is not a toxic algaecide - it clears the pond water safely by clumping the algae together so that they sink or are removed by a filter.

"Harmless to filters and all species of pond fish, plants and water using wildlife."

Green Away works with plants to create a naturally balanced pond. Clumps floating algae allowing filters to trap it more easily.

We used this product in one of our demonstation ponds and found it works wonderfully. This pond was in full sun all day every day and in summer required treatment around once a fortnight. This 500ml bottle treats 22730 litres of water at the recommended dosage.

Dosage rate: 25ml per 1136L of pond water volume mixed in a bucket of water. Spread around the pond.

Also available in a 250ml Bottle or a 1 Litre Bottle

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