Brass Lights


Brass Garden Lights – the most popular choice.

Brass garden lights have been on trend as the most popular range of garden lights in recent years and feature far more regularly than either aluminium, stainless steel or copper garden lights in current garden and outdoor lighting design.


Making the right choice for your garden style.

Homeowners are choosing garden lights that blend in with the style and surroundings of their home to satisfy particular safety, aesthetic and security needs, and in doing so, highlight their garden and it's special features. Brass garden lights ideally suit the classic style of Federation, Country Style and Contemporary-Modern homes, whether by the sea, in the city or in the country side. Brass lighting has a classic beauty, both antique and modern, handsome and memorial, splendid and burnished, solid and stout and excels in blending into the garden to perform whatever is the desired function.


Why choose brass garden lights?

Quality material:

Manufactured from pressure cast-brass or bronze, the construction of brass lights offers high-stability in harsh environments over long periods of time and will retain an aged finish not unlike a conventional brass garden tap or bronze sculpture.

Diverse range:

Whether you require task lighting for walkway areas, wall lights or spot lights, recessed lights, uplights or down lights, step lights or deck lights, you can buy them all in brass.

A Multitude of Applications:

Perfect for all garden lighting applications, but particularly so for sea-side gardens near coastal areas.


Choosing any garden lighting that will be exposed to the elements the quality of the materials is paramount. The choice of brass garden lighting, renowned for it's beauty, durability and classic appeal, is perfect.

Rock Around The Block stocks Aqualux Brass Garden Lights assembled in Australia, built to last and backed by one of the strongest and most competitive warranty programs in the industry.