Garden Lights - NEW MultiVoltage 24V-12VAC/DC LED

Designing and building a delightful, inviting outdoor living space is a great way to extend the living area beyond the walls of a home while boosting street appeal and resale value. Enjoying a garden long after the sun sets is easily possible in the Australian climate.  With the installation of a comprehensive outdoor lighting plan, the period of use for exterior living spaces can be greatly extended.

The benefits of using the NEW MultiVoltage 24V-12VAC/DC LED garden lights.

Ease of Design
The best feature of this 24V-12V garden lighting system is the ease of creating your design. All the hassle previously required to design a comprehensive outdoor lighting plan ensuring there is no voltage drop over a long run of lights, is gone.

In the past, garden lights were 24V. This changed to 12V around 25 years ago when cheap hot halogen dichroic bulbs were created for household use, and then wrongly used in enclosed garden lights using  12V incandescent auto bulbs.
This was a backward step for garden lighting because of the inability of “low pressure” 12V to push Voltage long distances without a substantial Voltage loss. To get 12V to work effectively even 30m from the 12V transformer, very thick & expensive copper cable was required.

Latest Technology
Utilising the latest technology is a stand out feature of our 24V-12V garden lighting system with the huge benefit of optimum performance over conventional 12V garden lights. This latest technology uses our multi-Voltage LED bulbs and light fittings, our thin 3.3sq mm cable, and is powered by our outdoor rated 24V AC transformers.

Significant Cost Advantage
Lower installation and running costs are achieved by the use of the thin cable and by the use of LED's . By using LED's which have a long bulb life, a quality light output with low power usage is produced.

Superior Performance
The issue of Voltage drop with our MultiVoltage 24V-12V LED lamps over hundreds of metres, is no longer a problem. Simply put, it means that even the very last light in a long run of hundreds of metres, will be as bright as the rest. The superior performance of this system over 12V lighting systems is very valuable feature.

Quality Lighting Selection
We supply the Aqualux Landscape Lighting range which is assembled in Australia, and built to last. Checkout the comprehensive garden lights range.

Consider an upgrade of your garden lighting tothe NEW MultiVoltage 24V-12VAC/DC LED .