Hozelock Aquaforce 8000 - 1584A Filtration Watercourse 240V Pump

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Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981

Solids handling, for filtration, waterfalls and watercourses. Has additional, variable inflow, satellite inlet facility.
ONLY 95W for 8000L/hr.
Replaces Hozelock Titan 8000 - 1456


  Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981

The Hozelock Aquaforce 8000-1584A is perfect as a low maintenance pump for a medium to large pond waterfall or flowing creek.

This pump is the perfect match for the acclaimed Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 14000 (36W UVC) Biological Filter, model 1354.


  • Fresh water use only. NOT SUITABLE FOR BORE OR SALT WATER.
  • Vortex impeller, solids handling pump.
  • Reduced running costs with new low energy consumption technology ONLY 95W FOR 8000L/H PERFORMANCE
  • The uniquely designed suit case style 2-layered strainer cage allows easy carrying and tool-free disassembly when required
  • The strainer allows for either 2mm or 10mm particle size to pass through. The 2mm gives protection to very small fish & wildlife
  • Extremely quiet heavy duty asynchronous motor with 10mm diameter ceramic shaft, bearings & thrust washer
  • Swivel ball outlet with step-down outlet sizes 3/4"BSP male, 25mm, 32mm & 40mm. 1/ 1/2"BSP male threaded pump outlet
  • Additional flow controllable inlet with 1 1/2"BSP male thread along with step-down inlet sizes 25mm, 32mm, 40mm. A threaded cap is supplied if the inlet is not required. This additional inlet allows:
    1. The use of a satellite strainer connected by tubing at the other end of the pond. The controller can be adjusted to allow some water to come through the satellite strainer and the balance through the pump strainer.
    2. The use of a skimmer-box satellite strainer as an additional controlled inlet.
    3. Cap it off with the supplied screw cap to then use the pump's strainer cage as the sole inlet
  • Can also be used externally in an inline flooded suction installation
  • AUTOMATIC CUT-OUT - To help ensure your pump’s long life and to prevent damage, it is fitted with automatic thermal overload protection.


  • Max Flow: 8000L/hr
  • Max Head: 4.0m (meaning zero flow)
  • Flow at 1m: 7000L/hr
  • Will give a creek watercourse flow of approximately 750mm wide (7500L/hr) pumped to a 500mm height above the pond water surface
  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Power Consumption & Voltage: 95W 240V
  • Attachments: 2 x Stepped hose tails (3/4"BSP male, 25, 32 & 40mm)
  • Suggested tubing diameter: 40mm (see tubing below)
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 335x280x145mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg


  • 2 years n the pump excluding the impeller/rotor assembly

We recommend 40mm or 32mm spiral ribbed tubing for this pump, or hard plumbed connection.

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