Hozelock Sprayer Lance Handle Trigger Assembly (WITH TRIGGER LOCK) - 4135

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Supplied with many "Last Drop Technology" Hozelock Pressure Sprayers from year 2012. A revised version of the previous popular handle trigger assembly Z44185. Suits virtually all upright barrel style Hozelock Pressure Garden Sprayers. Can be used on other compatible brands.

Lockable trigger

Includes Viton, fluoroelastomer seals for enhanced durability

Far superior to the standard Hozelock 4134 in both comfort & quality, plus the trigger is lockable.

This handle trigger assembly is supplied with many of "Last Drop Technology" Hozelock Pressure Sprayers. It is a superior replacement for the Hozelock Z54H/Z55H combination and the identical later coded Hozelock Z4908/Z4801 combination. It also replaces the previous similar Hozelock Z44185 handle trigger assembly from early Premier Plus models.


  • Viton, fluoroelastomer seals for enhanced durability
  • Inline inlet strainer
  • Lockable trigger

This Trigger Handle assembly was supplied with the following earlier models of:

Hozelock Garden Sprayers models 4413, 4415, 4418, 4505, 4507 4130, 4510 4130, 4705, 4707, 4710, 4805, 4807
(It is superior to the new non-lockable trigger handle of the 4507 4130 and 4510 4130 and 4221 4130 (T5 ECO) and 4222 4130 (T8 ECO) models now sold in Australia from 2018 and 2020)

It can be also used as a replacement for the original Hozelock 4105 trigger handle (as more ergonomic & cheaper) on the following:

  • Hozelock Pressure Sprayer KillaSpray Plus 10 (8 Litre capacity) 4910
  • Hozelock Pressure Sprayer KillaSpray Plus 7 (5 Litre capacity) 4907

It will also fit & upgrade the handle/trigger assembly in the following:

  • Hozelock Garden Sprayers models 4127, 4005, 4007, 4010, 4033, 4042, 4055, Courier 4043, Courier 4045, 4605, 4607, 4610, 4080, 4513, 4515, 4518, 4443, 4445, 4448, 4455, Backpack/Knapsack models 4712A, 4716A

Hint for when using a lance style garden sprayer:

  • If spray still comes out of the nozzle when the trigger is closed, this is caused by compressed air bubbles in the lance tube. On first use for the day and between each charge always spray into the air or high up onto a wall or post to purge this air out of the lance tube through the nozzle. The spray will then shut-off instantly. This applies to all pressurised lance type sprayers, no matter what brand. If you extend a telescopic lance during use, air will be drawn in through the nozzle & so the same purging procedure will need to be repeated.

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