Firestone QuickSeam Repair Kit - W56RAC0030

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Genuine Firestone patches 150mm x 150mm for small punctures & cuts.

Also sold as "Pondliners Firestone Patch Repair Kit"

Please watch the Instructional Video below.

Two genuine Firestone 150mm x 150mm patches with adhesive backing for quick repair of small cuts and punctures.

Patch kit contains:

  • 2 x QuickSeam Patches 150mm x 150mm
  • 1 bottle 2fl oz(60ml) QuickPrime Plus primer
  • Scrubber pad
  • Patch roller - Roller may vary from image
  • Pair disposable rubber gloves
  • Set of instructions for correct application

Please note: For correct application of this patch you must prepare the mating raw EPDM surface with the Firestone QuickPrime Plus EPDM Seam Primer provided, applied with the Scotchbright plastic scouring pad. No other primer liquid is permitted.

Video: How to patch using the Firestone QuicksSeam Repair Kit

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