Hozelock 2402 Auto Reel Automatic with 25m Garden Hose

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Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

  • The robust mechanism quickly stores the hose away for you, with much less effort
  • The hose is layered back into the Auto Reel for smooth operation every time
  • Wall mounted with 180 degree pivot allowing you to reach every area of your garden
  • Includes 20m of premium hose and soft-touch connectors

This new design replaces Hozelock 2490 (20m Auto Reel)

  Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

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This new design replaces Hozelock 2490 (20m Auto Reel)

Manufactured within the Hozelock Ltd Birmingham UK "Centre of Excellence" factory, the ultimate in hose management since 1998, the retractable Hozelock 20m Auto Reel is a wall mounted reel with automatic hose re-wind. An internal spring system does the work, allowing the user to walk the hose effortlessly back to the auto reel, while Hozelock's patented fail-safe self-layering mechanism feeds it neatly back onto the drum.

Key benefits:

Easy to use – the Auto Reel smoothly and easily unwinds the hose enabling you to stop at any point to water. The reel’s mechanism automatically locks so that you don’t have to hold the hose taught. To unwind more hose simply pull the hose and the mechanism will unlock allowing you to easily water various parts of your garden.

Puts itself away – when it is time to rewind the hose, a simple tug unlatches the drum, and the Auto Reel’s patented automatic rewind system takes over whilst the layering system neatly coils the hose with no kinks, tangles or effort.

Take away the effort and let Auto Reel automatically rewind your hose

Clean, tidy & protected – the Auto Reel neatly stores and protects the hose in a tough Polypropylene UV stabilised case ensuring the hose remains protected and therefore extends its life.

Wall hanger 180 degree coverage – the robust wall bracket allows the Auto Reel to pivot 180 degrees allowing you to reach every part of your garden. Auto Reel can be easily fitted or removed from the wall and now includes convenient storage points for your spare fittings and spray guns. The bracket also has a fixing point where you can fit a padlock (not supplied) for reassurance.

Feeder hose & park point – neatly store the feeder hose when not in use. This is especially useful when tidying the unit away in winter. The leak free parking point prevents drips when storing in your shed or garage.

Hose Stop – Prevents the hose fully retracting into the unit meaning the hose is easily available every time.

Integrated child lock – this convenient lock prevents the hose from being pulled out by children, ensuring the hose is only pulled out when needing to water the garden.

All the fittings you need – complete with tap connector, soft touch hose attachments, feeder hose and an adjustable spray nozzle. Your Auto Reel comes with all the necessary parts you need to get watering straight away.

For over 20 years Hozelock have been manufacturing Auto Reels within its UK Centre of Excellence. Over this time they have developed a comprehensive range which provides gardeners with the watering solutions they need to keep their gardens looking great.

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  • Includes 20m (65') x 11mm (Nominal bore)  premium, three layer, braided, silver and yellow striped garden hose.
  • Includes 2m feeder hose to connect to the tap - this can be extended using any 12.5mm hose
  • Tough Polypropylene UV stabilised case - protects the hose, and extends its life
  • A simple ratchet ensures that the hose only re-winds when you want it to.
  • Safety Lock: This knob (visible on the side in the image) has two functions. 1. To stop the hose being pulled out when fully re-wound. 2. To stop accidental rewind while the hose is in use.  
  • Fully assembled with 20m of top quality garden hose inside, and includes all connectors and fittings, brackets, mounting screws & wall plugs.
  • All necessary fittings - 1/2"BSP, 3/4"BSP and 1"BSP (for NSW taps) outdoor tap connector, hose end connector for the tap end of the hose and Water Stop connector for the nozzle end of the hose
  • Includes easy-to-follow photograph images in the operating & instruction manual in 9 languages.

Mounting & Anchoring:

  • Easy to mount on the supplied wall bracket which allows the auto reel to swivel through 180 degrees, to supply the hose at any angle from the wall.
  • Can be padlocked onto the wall bracket. May be anchored into the lawn with a 25mm- 30mm diameter round stake for remote use.


  • Hose Reel:  270mm thick  x  585mm deep off the wall  x  435mm high and swings in a 450mm radius around the pivot pin in the wall bracket.
  • Wall Bracket 4 x mounting holes centre spacing:  62mm horizontally, 182mm vertically

All you need is a garden tap with a threaded spout and an electric drill to enable fastening of the unit to the wall.


  • 2 + 3 ( 5-years - see conditions) on Reel & Case: 2-year Guarantee against faults arising from defective manufacture or materials. You are entitled to an additional 3-years if you register your purchase with Hozelock.com

Manufactured by: Hozelock Ltd, in Birmingham UK - Hozelock's Hose Reel technology - a world leader.

We also keep the latest  Hozelock 30m Auto Reel, model 2403 0000 which has a built-in rewind braking system

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