Hozelock Bioforce 8000UVC - 1385 (11W/240V) Pressurised UVC Pond Filter, 5m cable

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  Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981

Patented technology in pressurized UVC pond filter management from Hozelock Ltd UK.
A world leader and pioneer in the design of pressurised compact pond biofilters since 1998.

The patented Kaldnes K3 Biomedia make this the most efficient pressure bio-filter available.

Manages a 4320L pond in Australian climate in sunlight & with some goldfish.

  Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981

Hozelock Bioforce pond filters are highly effective pressurised pond sewerage treatment plants in a small cylinder that can be hidden by burying up to its lid.


  • 3 profiled mechanical filter foams, superior Kaldnes K3 Biomedia and a 11W UV Lamp with "UVC lamp Indicator".
  • Improves the health of a pond up to 8000L with a full fish load (see below) This is more than most of Hozelock's competition which use a larger model number but do not include fish load.  
  • ClearWater Guarantee with all Hozelock Bioforce UVC Filters (conditions apply, read information in package).
  • Supply pump's maximum head: Must not exceed 6.0m (0.6 Bar) .  Larger pumps will blow the seals or crack the vessel. The use of sump pumps is not allowed.
  • Max Flow Rate Through Filter: 3000L/hr. To test this a 20L bucket held under the end of the tube connected to the Bioforce outlet would fill in 24 seconds.
  • Inlet & Outlet Size: 1"BSP male thread (33.3mm OD) and 20mm & 25mm step down adaptor
  • Tubing requirement: 25mm Black Spiral Ribbed Tubing & Full stainless steel hose clamps
  • Dimensions (Height x Diameter): 456 x 270mm
  • Lamp: 11W UV, useful life of 12 months
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Power Consumption & Voltage: 11W 240V
  • Easy Clean "backflush" facility by reversing the pump inlet pipe to the outlet and flushing through a dedicated waste hose connected to the inlet for a 30 seconds
  • All Hozelock Bioforce Filters must be run 24 hours a day to run efficiently. Ideally they should be run all year.

The ideal pump partner is:

Fish stocking & density: Up to 50cm of goldfish per 1000L of pond volume. (total measurement of the fish lengths). Fish must be added to the pond in stages to 50% over the first 6 months, which then allows for growth to maximum capacity.

Max pond size in the hot climate of Australia: (with less than 750mm pond depth)
Fully shaded locations: 9600L (shaded & no fish), 7200L (shaded & some goldfish), 4800L (shaded & some koi carp) with stocking level as above.
Full sunlight locations: 5760L (sunlight & no fish), 4320L (sunlight & some goldfish), 2880L (sunlight & some koi carp) with stocking rates as above.

Please note: The pond size of the product's stated max 8000L/12000L is for Northern Hemisphere very cool climates only. The specifications above are for Australia are from Hozelock Ltd UK pond sizing charts & brochures.


  • Water enters at an angle, creating a vortex to settle out solids
  • Profiled large surface area filter foam removes waste
  • Water enters the dark chamber containing superior Kaldnes K3 Biomedia which encourages the growth of large numbers of beneficial bacteria which break down harmful pollutants
  • Water turbulates close to the ultra violet light which ensures maximum water treatment and elimination of green water


  • Water is slowed down to give a desired dwell time as it passes the lamp to increase UV penetration
  • Quartz tube or sleeve covering the UV lamp permits the ultimate penetration of UV rays. 
  • Ordinary glass cuts this by 90%
  • UV lamp runs at optimum operating temperature in an enclosed chamber
  • Water is kept as close as possible to the UV lamp to maximise UV efficiency
  • Single ended lamps last longer and have higher UV output

Hozelock Bioforce UVC Pond Filters use low cost industry standard PL-S TUV lamps. Compare the cost of these PLS-TUV lamps to those used in other UVC pond filters on the market. We keep the full range of these UV lamps as spare parts readily available for at a low Australia-wide "spare parts" rate. You will find the lamps in theBiological Filter Spare Parts.  After 8000hrs (12months) they start to loose efficiency or fail. It will be noticeable in summer as the pond water may develop the dreaded cloudy green colour on hot days.

Warranty:  1 Year guarantee - covers faulty manufacturing.
Country of Manufacture:  UK

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