Hozelock Bioforce Vessel only - suit 9000,12000, & Revolution 6000-9000

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Replacement vessel or bucket for most Hozelock Bioforce models with the metal lid clamp. See below for details of models

Replacement Vessel for most models of Hozelock Bioforce biological filters with the metal lid clamp. Exclusions are Bioforce 9000 original model with the black vortex chamber and the Bioforce Revolution 14000. 

Please note:

  • This is the base vessel only
  • Supply pump's maximum head:  3.5m (0.35 Bar). Larger pumps will blow the seals or crack the vessel. If your existing vessel has cracked, it will be because the head pressure of your pump is too high. The use of sump pumps is not allowed. Please check your pump so as not to waste your money.


  • Bioforce 9000UVC - model 1314 - later models only with white vortex chamber (can also be used to upgrade non-UVC model Bioforce 9000-1304)
    Designed for use with 11W PL-S UVC Lamp (Hozelock 1521)
  • Bioforce 12000UVC - model 1386
    Designed for use with 13W PL-S UVC Lamp (Hozelock 1541)
  • Bioforce Revolution 6000UVC (18W) - model 1352
  • Bioforce Revolution 9000UVC (24W) - model 1353

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