Hozelock EasyClear 9000 - 1768 All-In-One Pump/13W UVC/Biofilter 240V 10m cable

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240V All-In-One Pond Pump, 13W UVC, Filter & with fountain or waterfall facility. Has Anox Kaldnes Biomedia for increased biological efficiency.

Proven design since 2006. All others are attempted copies.

Latest model, with enhanced safety features

Replaces previous Hozelock 3009 (EasyClear 9000)

  Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981

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Hozelock EasyClear 9000 (model 1768) with Anox Kaldnes Biomedia Technology from Sweden.

Proven design since 2006. All others are attempted copies.

Latest model, with enhanced safety features

Replaces previous Hozelock 3009 (EasyClear 9000)

Hozelock Cyprio’s EasyClear 9000 (model 1768) is the largest of the three highly acclaimed 240V models & was released in 2009. It is a one-step total solution for larger sized reflection ponds. With its unique Hozelock EasyClear all-in-one fountain and waterfall pump, pond filter and UV clarifier, Hozelock Cyprio has brought innovative technology to reflection pond owners and first-time pond builders. The new Hozelock EasyClear UVC filter with pump delivers not only the option of decorative fountain and waterfall but also guaranteed clear water in shaded ponds up to 4200 litres with some goldfish or 6300 litres with no fish in the hot Australian climate.

The Hozelock EasyClear is also highly effective when used in long narrow reflection ponds by placing the unit with the aerating fountain at one end and piping to the other end with 25mm Spiral ribbed flexible tubing attached to the controllable waterfall outlet. The outlet flow would then discreetly splash back at surface level into the pond at the other end or you may choose to have a low waterfall or creek. Aeration from the splashing of some sort is required for sustaining the biological activity within the unit which should run 24/7.


  • Full safety approvals EN60335-2-109
  • Has the latest enhanced safety features, including UVC light micro-switch, protective earthing plate & UVC light safety baffle
  • Max fountain spray height: 1.9mm
  • Max Bell Fountain Diameter: 35cm
  • Max lift/head (zero flow): 2.35m
  • Max recommended waterfall height: 0.6m giving optimum UVC & biological performance
  • Max water flow straight from pump: 2850L/hr
  • Preferred Pond Depth: 300 - 750mm (deeper if not using fountainhead & controller assembly)
  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Power Consumption & Voltage: 55W 240V
  • UVC: 13W bulb (included & installed)
  • Can run both fountain and waterfall.
  • Attachments: 2 and 3 tier jet and bell fountain & controller + 4 fountain stem 85mm extension pieces, waterfall outlet with controller which can be removed to achieve maximum flow-through.
  • Outlet size: 3/4"BSP Male & 25mm barbed adaptor.
  • Dimensions: L 340mm x W 270mm x Max H 750mm (with all fountain extensions & fountain controller).
  • Height of unit: 360mm, (to the top of the tower) not including screwed outlet, risers or fountainhead. 
  • Biological filter components include: 2 x Mesh bags of Anox Kaldes biomedia, 2 x Mesh bags of small pebbles, 3 x foam filters.  
  • Pre-delivery check & service to each unit to give you assured optimum performance. 
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for Koi Carp ponds unless manure & waste food is regularly removed.

Fish stocking & density: Up to 50cm of goldfish per 1000L of pond volume. (Add your fish up head to tail to get this measurement)
Max pond size in the hot climate of Australia:
Shaded locations: 6300L (shaded & no fish), 4200L (shaded & some goldfish, as above).
Sunlight locations: 5400L (sunlight & no fish), 3600L (sunlight & some goldfish, as above).
Please note: The pond size of the product's stated max 9000L is for Northern Hemisphere very cool climates only. The specifications above are from Hozelock UK Ltd 

Full & on-going expert technical & back-up support by us.   This world leading all-in-one concept was invented by Hozelock Ltd (UK) in 2004. It's tight patent still makes it the best.

Warranty: 3 years including impeller from Rock Around The Block
Country of supply: England, United Kingdom

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