Hozelock Garden Pressure Sprayer 8L (max fill) 4232 (4130)

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Last drop technology from the class leaders in plastic garden sprayers

Last Drop Technology - all liquid is drawn from the bottle.

Made in France

Last drop technology from the class leaders in plastic garden sprayers

The standard sprayer range provides easy, accurate and cost effective application of water, water-soluble insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers.

This range of Hozelock Pressure Sprayers is available in a smaller sizes,  Hozelock 4221 4130 (Max fill 5L) and Hozelock 4505 0000 (Max fill 3L)

The 10L container of this Hozelock 8L (maximum effective fill) sprayer, model 4232 4130, is a multipurpose, effective pressure sprayer for outdoor use. It is designed to pressurise a maximum of 8L of water based liquid.

You can convert this unit into a dedicated handy camping shower with the addition of the Hozelock 4115 PortaShower Rose Head Trigger Handle Assembly

This sprayer is also catalogued as T8 ECO

Practical features include:

  • Durable ergonomic easy hold handle
  • Maximum 8L of sprayable capacity from the 10L bottle (2L for air pressurisation)
  • Approximately x 23 pumps = empty sprayer
  • Max vessel pressure before pressure relief valve activation: 3 Bar (300kPa or 45PSI)
  • Translucent, graduated bottle for accurate chemical mixing and dosing
  • Wide 90mm filling aperture enables easy wash-out & also allows all the components to be placed inside the bottle for storage
  • 300mm x 8mm OD aluminium lance
  • 1.35m flexible sprayer hose with filter strainer fitted to both ends
  • Non-lockable trigger for user & environmental safety during operation
  • Variable jet - conical - mist spray nozzle
  • Strong harness for use over-the-shoulder for hands-free comfort when spraying
  • Base drain point - gone is the dip tube concept
  • Side lance clip for neater & secure storage
  • Weight: Empty vessel & pump: 1.5kg
  • Dimensions: Vessel with pump engaged: 600mm (H) x 180mm OD
  • Made in France

Understanding the use of this sprayer:

  • If spray still comes out of the nozzle when the trigger is closed, this is caused by compressed air bubbles in the lance tube and nozzle assembly. On first use for the day and between each charge always raise the hose & nozzle up & spray into the air or high up onto a wall or post to purge this air out of the lance tube through the nozzle. The spray will then shut-off instantly. This applies to all pressurised lance type sprayers, no matter what brand. If you extend a telescopic lance during use, air will be drawn in through the nozzle & so the same purging procedure will need to be repeated to remove the air that is now in the nozzle assembly.
  • *max fill level is stated in order to provide a sufficient air gap for pressurisation of the bottle

Guarantee: 3 years (Bottle & pump) from date of purchase against defects in manufacture, but not covering consumables - See conditions in booklet

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