Hozelock Pond Vac - 1752 - Sludge & waste food pond vacuum

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The latest pond vacuum design. Allows you to easily recycle the pond water.

The most efficient way to remove thin layers of sludge, fish manure and food waste from a minimum 200mm deep small garden pond or architectural water feature. We deleted barrel types for this job as these are so good. NOT SUITABLE FOR LEAVES, STICKS OR PINE NETTLES 

Other Pond Vac options below;

1)  PondMAX PV350L 

2) Absolute Pond Vac Cleaner 

3) PondMAX Pro Pond Vacuum

Other Pond Vac options below;

1)  PondMAX PV350L 

2) Absolute Pond Vac Cleaner 

3) PondMAX Pro Pond Vacuum

  Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981

This pond cleaner easily removes fish manure and food waste from the floor of Koi Carp ponds.

Ideal for architectural water features & small leaf-free ponds.

The Hozelock Pond Vac is the preferred choice for: 

  • Sydney Taronga Zoo - ponds for the Herpitofauna (reptile & amphibian) division
  • Western Sydney University - ponds for research into the Bellinger River Snapping Turtle (Myuchelys georgesi) 

Quick & easy to set-up, to use and to store away. No big barrels to lumber around. Great customer feedback.
For use in ponds but requires a minimum operating depth to work of 200mm. A compact and lightweight, continuous running, pond vacuum cleaner for quickly cleaning and removing thin layers of sludge waste from smaller garden ponds and architectural water features with a minimum of effort.

Please Note Limitations: NOT SUITABLE FOR LEAVES, STICKS OR PINE NETTLES. They will simply clog it.  For further limitations, see note below.

Ideal for rainwater tank sludge removal from the floor, for up to 2.1m high tanks with a top access opening of minimum 150mm diameter. The tank must have water in it. Duct tape a waterproof battery torch to the handle to see where you are going as you work through the top opening.

Waste the sludge & water directly onto the garden or recycle the water as described below.

Allows you to easily recycle the pond water.

  1. Simply waste the vacuumed pond water & sludge into a large tub or wheelie bin. Let it settle for an hour to clear.
  2. Return the solids-free, now clear, water back into the pond with the Pond Vac, effectively meaning zero water loss.
  3. Place the remaining solids from the vessel into the garden as superb fertilizer.
  4. Alternative: Tie a large laundry netting bag to the end of the waste pipe. Hang it over the edge of the pond. When the bag is full, spread the waste on the garden.

A review from UK "This vac is great, I use it also in my 15 foot above ground swimming pool, turn the hose back down the shaft so the water goes back in to the pool and fix with a cable tie a fine mesh bag to the end of the hose to catch the bits, works a treat!!"
Pond Vacuum Removes Thin Waste and Sediment for a Clean and Healthy Pond.

  • 30% time saved = less effort
  • 50% extra suction = efficient waste removal
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Long reach - adjustable up to 2m length (4 x 400mm metal tube sections)
  • 3 year guarantee


  • Transparent connection for viewing waste disposal
  • Nozzle storage point for easy access
  • Adjustable handle for comfortable use
  • Waste hose delivers waste to desired disposal point
  • Clips to keep cable neat
  • Chopping blades for efficient removal of larger soft waste matter
  • Tool free nozzle change
  • 3 suction nozzles - 1. Rubber brush (140x25mm) - perfect through pebbles , 2. Thin long nozzle (35x6mm) - for crevices, 3. Open nozzle (150x25mm).


  • The minimum pond operating depth for the pond vacuum is 200mm.
  • Pump rating 60w
  • Suction power: -53 mBar
  • Cable length: 10m
  • Maximum length: 2.3m
  • Waste hose length: 3m
  • Pump cross section dimension: 150mm x 100mm
  • Weight of unit, including tubing, fittings & cable: 4.2kg

You can increase the length of the standard 3.0m long waste hose by adding extra 25mm Spiral Ribbed Tubing joined with a 25mm Poly Joiner see "You may also like" to the left. Hose clamps are not required.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for watergarden ponds. If using with Architectural water features such as tiled or pastel coloured sterile-water structures, it cannot be expected to remove all fine particles, polish the tiles or scrub algae from the features surfaces.

If you need assistance ring for expert advice on 1300 733 113.

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