25mm Spiral Ribbed Tubing - Pond Pump Hose (Vinilflex N) - 20m roll

20m coil of 25mm ID Spiral Ribbed Tubing.

Also sold as Cut to your required length from the roll

Perfect for pond pumps.

You may also like fittings, such as tees, reducer joiners and tap controllers - Look here


Price listed is for full 20m roll or coil.

Also sold as Cut to your required length from the roll


  • Crush resistant rigid PVC reinforced outer spiral
  • Soft PVC flexible wall structure
  • The tubing is virtually smooth walled internally. As you bend it, the internal wall will gradually corrugate on the inner radius of the bend, but the outer radius will remain smooth
  • Kink resistant
  • Suitable for low pressure water such as from pond pumps
  • For protection and covering of pipes for delivery of gas passing through
    solid, brick walls, walls of prefabricated panels and slabs according to
    UNI CIG 71 29.
  • Conduit with right hand pitch and crush resistant helix made of self-extinguishing
    material according to UL94 VO.
  • Vinilflex N is manufactured in Italy by Merlett Tecnoplastic

Internal Diameter: 25mm
External Diameter: 31mm