Powertech AC/AC Adaptor Transformer 24 Volt AC 24VA 1.0A(Indoor use only) MP3032

Perfect power supply for up to 20VA loading for 24VAC appliances such as a 24VAC surveillance camera or 24VAC irrigation valve solenoid.
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Perfect power supply for up to 20VA loading of 24VAC appliances such as some small 24V AC pond pumps, 24VAC surveillance camera, 24VAC irrigation valve solenoid & air conditioner controls.

Coded: MP3032 (on Plug Pak label) and  MP-3032 (on packaging)

Replaces the following original equipment model as they are no longer manufactured:

  • Hozelock 24 Volt AC 24VA Plug Pack - Z13197 / PSA-4001

For weatherproof applications you can substitute with an Aquatran 24VAC 50VA (50W) IP67 Rated Transformer


  • Hozelock Cascade 100LV Pond pump - Model 3007
  • Hozelock Cascade 600LV Pond pump - Model 3008
  • Hozelock Cascade 700LV Pond pump - Model 3052
  • Hozelock Cascade 700LV Pond Pump - Model 3072
  • up to 20W of 24V low voltage lighting


  • Output: 24VAC 1.0A 24VA (Unregulated Voltage output) Zero load output: 27.8VAC +/- on 240VAC mains. Output Voltage decreases closer to 24VAC with load. An 80% load is optimal
  • Input 240VAC as Plug Pak with Australian compliant pins
  • 24V Low voltage fly lead: 1.8m long (Fig 8 cable, twin O.52mm2 conductors)
  • Cable conductors have 6mm stripped and tinned ends
  • Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for Australia & NZ
  • Dimensions: 58mm(W) x 58mm(D) x 87mm(H)
  • Indoor Rated Only.
  • Made In China