Hozelock Ultraflex Knitted GREEN Garden Hose 12.5mm x 30m with fittings-7730

Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

30m of anti-kink, flexible, knitted reinforced 12.5mm garden hose. Incorporates anti-kink and no twist technology meaning your hose will never fail to bounce right back into shape and previous tangles will be a thing of the past.

It's soft & supple knitted reinforced structure creates controlled flexibility to make it easy to handle for hassle free storage.

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Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

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  • Flexible, anti-kink hose which is easy to use and manoeuvre around the garden.
  • Robust, flexible, anti-kink hose
  • Soft & Flex™ technology makes this hose light and flexible
  • Weather proof with UV and frost protection
  • Free from Phthalates, heavy metals and harmful toxins

The Ultraflex Hose structure: 

Ultraflex Green Hose Web Graphic
  1. 1. Weather proof with UV & frost protection guarantees that your hose can be used effectively in a range of climates from -15°C up to 60°C.
  2. 2. Soft & Flex™ technology delivers superb resistance to kinking, giving the feeling of lightness and flexibility allowing you to manoeuvre your hose effortlessly around the garden with minimal effort.
  3. 3. Knitted anti-twist technology ensures the hose does not twist under pressure providing a continuous flow of water and eliminates the frustrations caused by a hose kinking.
  4. 4. Soft & Flex™ technology delivers superb resistance to kinking, giving the feeling of lightness & flexibility allowing you to move your hose effortlessly.
  5. 5. Smooth Inner Layer to enhance water flow.
Specifications : 
  • Hose Length : 30m
  • Hose diameter : 12.5m
  • Comes with hose end fitting included
Warranty : 
  • 25 years 

Also available hose fitting that suits this Ultra Flex 30m hose : 

Hoze end connector - HZL 2050

Hoze end connector Aquastop  - HZL 2055

Please note: Hand layering of any garden hose over a post or hose hanger will induce a torsional twist with every layer. This will create the potential for kinking in any hose pipe. Reel storage or even just leaving the hose out elimates the kink potential. Hozelock knitted hose No Twist Technology reduces the problem by design.

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