Fiskars X5 XXS Camping Trekking Axe Hatchet 230mm 121123 1015617

Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company.

A quality tool from the European made range

Fits most 4x4 glove boxes. Fits to your belt for trekking & camping. Bright colour so stands out in the bush. Forged steel head. Handle is moulded around the head to prevent loosening/separation. Strong hollow FibreComp handle. Lightweight. Includes poly moulded axe cover which also acts as a safety carry handle/belt clip.

LATEST MODEL, with enhanced features


Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company.

  A quality tool from the European made range

LATEST MODEL with enhanced features

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Another easy-to-carry choice perfect for hikers, trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts..

Why choose a Fiskars axe over others? - Watch the video!
Note the Fiskars XA2 WoodXpert Sappie Log Pick used at the start of the video to pick up the log being placed on the chopping block. Saves the back! Click the link.

Why not add the Fiskars XSharp Axe & Knife Sharpener? Sharp tools mean easier work.



  • Ideal for chopping kindling and small branches up to 30mm diameter
  • Handy to carry even on your waist due the belt clip and small size
  • Being only 260mm x 170mm when clipped into it's cover it will fit into most 4X4 glove boxes.
  • Great and very versatile tool to replace larger knife when trekking
  • Chops up to three times deeper with each swing to chop much faster
  • Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power
  • Proprietary blade-grinding technique provides a sharper edge for better contact and cleaner cuts
  • Hardened forged steel blade (55HRC Rockwell hardness).
  • It stays sharp longer than traditional axes
  • PTFE non-stick coated blade powers through wood and prevent head from getting stuck
  • Unbreakable PermaHead insert-molded head will not loosen and prevents overstrike breakage
  • Shock-absorbing FiberComp handle is lightweight yet stronger than steel to prevent overstrike damage
  • Handle design reduces hand strain and improves control
  • Designed in Billnäs, Finland, building on a 365-year history of the world’s best forged tools
  • Includes protection and hanging sheath helps protects blade and the user. Makes it easy to carry with safety
  • Axe weight: 560g, Total weight (with cover): 630g, Length: 230mm
  • Made in Finland

Warranty: 25 year Fiskars warranty via web registration only, against manufacturing defect (but not wear & tear or incorrect use). After your purchase from us, register here with Fiskars, using the code on the rear of the handle.

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