Fiskars Branch Saw Pull saw for UPX82 and UPX86, 1023633, See details for advice

Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company.

A quality tool from the European made range

An accessory for the Fiskars UPX82 (1023625) and Fiskars UPX86 Telescopic (1023624) Tree Pruners. Easy to attach & remove. Cuts green living branches up to 80mm diameter.

Please Note: We advise that a far better branch saw is the Fiskars 93336966K Blade attached to the Fiskars 110970 Fruit Picker Bag bracket. You'll have a bonus bag & a proven saw attachment which has adjustable approach-angle, is longer & a better designed blade. It is also far cheaper in total than this Fiskars 1023633 non-adjustable & poor fitting latest branch saw blade attachment.


Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company.

  A quality tool from the European made range

Genuine Fiskars Spare Parts to keep your garden tools in perfect working order.

Authorised Fiskars Australian dealer - full support

Please note:  see below:

Rather than purchasing this branch saw attachment, it is more economical to purchase the Fiskars UP80 Fruit Picker 110970 (1001562) and our suggested Fiskars Saw Blade 93336966K which fits to it's bracket.
Not only is it far cheaper in total but you will have a far better quality longer & approach-angle adjustable saw blade. You also get a bonus fruit picker bag for the apples & oranges or any fruit up to 125mm diameter.

An attachment accessory (if you really want it!), which will only fit the following:

Please Note: Will not fit the previous model Fiskars tree pruners manufactured prior to 2018


  • Length of blade's cutting edge: 330mm ( However only 310mm is usable as 20mm is obstructed when attached to the cutting head)
  • Extra equipment for Fiskars Tree Pruners UPX82 (1023625) and UPX86 (1023624)
  • Easy to attach & remove by clamping over the butt of the cutting head.
  • Designed for cutting on the PULL-STROKE.
  • Impulse hardened, quality steel blade which is hollow-ground to give clearance which then makes sawing easier
  • Cuts green living branches up to 80mm or more in diameter.
  • Weight: 210g
  • Designed in Finland. Made in Poland

Warranty:  25 year Fiskars warranty against manufacturing defect. This excludes wear & tear or bluntening of the blade.

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