Hozelock Viton Pressure Sprayer (5L max fill) - 5507 4130

Last drop technology from the class leaders in plastic garden sprayers

Designed for industrial uses such as detergents, degreasers, disinfectants, wood treatments, some acid solutions etc. A very high quality pressure

Spare Parts: Click this link

Why not try World No.1 Sprayer, Solo Sprayers-Spraying Equipment5L Viton,  instead ? Check it out now


Why not try World No.1 Sprayer, Solo Sprayers-Spraying Equipment5L Viton,  instead ? Check it out now

Last drop technology from the class leaders in plastic garden sprayers

Designed for industrial applications. A very high quality pressure sprayer for detergents, some acid solutions, solvents, non-aromatic hydrocarbons, agricultural and wood treatment products. (Replaces the Hozelock Viton 5088)

Be warned of poor quality similar looking products available in Australia. This product has spare parts and known longevity

Our stocks are new & unopened, direct from the Hozelock Ltd UK warehouse.

Typical applications

  • Cleaning & degreasing of industrial facilities.
  • Car washing.
  • Disinfection & descaling of public sanitary facilities.
  • Maintenance of kennels & buildings of breeding.
  • Building industry.
  • Wood treatment.
  • Garden spray chemical


  • Viton® seals, the fluoroelastomer from DuPont.
  • INOX stainless steel lance tube
  • Maximum 5L of sprayable capacity from the 7L bottle (2L for air pressurisation)
  • Approximately x 23 pumps = empty sprayer
  • Wide filling aperture enables easy wash-out & also allows all the components to be placed inside the bottle for storage.
  • Adjustable nozzle operates as a single jet or cone.
  • Carry strap
  • Internal pump for easy carrying.
  • Base drain point - gone is the old technology dip tube concept
  • Black / Grey Livery for easy and safe identification of potential poisons.
  • Dimensions: 450mm high x 180mm diam.
Spare Parts: Click this link
Understanding the use of this sprayer:
  • If spray still comes out of the nozzle when the trigger is closed, this is caused by compressed air bubbles in the lance tube and nozzle assembly. On first use for the day and between each charge always raise the hose & nozzle up & spray into the air or high up onto a wall or post to purge this air out of the lance tube through the nozzle. The spray will then shut-off instantly. This applies to all pressurised lance type sprayers, no matter what brand. If you extend a telescopic lance during use, air will be drawn in through the nozzle & so the same purging procedure will need to be repeated to remove the air that is now in the nozzle assembly.
  • *max fill level is stated in order to provide a sufficient air gap for pressurisation of the bottle

Warranty: 2 years (Bottle & pump) and 1 year (O-rings/seals) against defects in manufacture - See conditions in booklet
Manufacturer: Hozelock UK