Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 9000 and Aquaforce 6000 Pump Kit 1353 1583 1403

The complete filtration system for clear and healthy ponds, combining a Bioforce and Aquaforce system.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • Can be used on ponds from 9,000 to 18000 litres in size (see chart below for details)
  • Comes with a Bioforce and Aquaforce
  • Comes with a Clearwater Guarantee

Combining the convenience of the Bioforce Revolution pressurised filter with a powerful and efficient Aquaforce solids handling pump, the Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce Revolution Filter Kit is ideal for filtration, waterfalls or watercourses. Also including UVC capability to provide a complete filtration system, backed by the Hozelock Cyprio Clearwater Guarantee.

A match made in heaven, this Hozelock combination utilises both the excellent filtration from the Bioforce Revolution pond filter, and the efficiency of the Aquaforce pump to ensure the very best water quality in your pond.

Hozelock Aquaforce pumps are even designed to be used in wildlife ponds, with their unique Wildlife Protection System designed to protect small fish, newts, frogs, etc from accessing the pump, keeping them safer and providing the filter with a consistent and reliable water supply.

This is paired with a Bioforce Revolution - a pressurised filter featuring a unique mechanical filtration system. Using layers of small sponges, it removes the dirt and debris more quickly than one large sponge. Maintenance is made very easy - just turn the handle to 'press' the sponges, releasing water and dirt from the sponges.

Due to the added UV clarifier, when placed in the correct sized pond, the Bioforce Revolution is guaranteed to give you green-free water, leaving it crystal clear for your viewing satisfaction.

Bioforce Revolution Filter Key Features:

  • Pressurised system, meaning a smaller, less obstructive container, that can be buried next to the pond out of sight
  • High pressures mean the water can travel up to the top of a waterfall from ground level
  • Easy Clean "back-flush" facility
  • "Flow through" coarse foams - efficiently removes waste particles

Aquaforce Pump Features:

  • Works in the most demanding of pond environments with continuous operation
  • Handles solids up to 8mm (6mm with the smaller model) without blocking
  • Large intake slots placed at the base of the pump in order to collect solids from the floor of the pond (These slots can be closed during wildlife spawning times)

Capability :

  • Bioforce Revolution Filter Kit for ponds up to 18000 litres (without fish), contains Bioforce Revolution 9000 and Aquaforce 6000


The Bioforce Revolution unit can be hidden at the side of a pond or buried in the ground up to the level of hose inlets.

The Aquaforce filter pump draws in dirty water from the pond and pumps it up to the Bioforce filter. In the Bioforce Revolution filter, foam removes particles, Kaldnes biological filtration purifies the water and the UVC eliminates green water.The clear and healthy water leaves the pressurised Bioforce filter and can be pumped up to a higher exit point to create relaxing waterfalls.

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