PondMAX PV350L Pro Pond Vacuum 3000L/hr 35L 4.5m hose 10m cable


  • Wet and dry
  • Can be used as a Pond vacuum or an outdoor vaccum
  • Large 35L cannister capacity
  • 2 Modes, Auto & Manual modes
  • 10m power cable

PondMAX PV350L Pro Pond Vacuum 03OV224

The PondMAX PV350 Pond Vacuum provides a convenient, painless and efficient solution for routine cleaning of your pond and water feature. The PondMAX PV350 pond vacuum is also an ideal tool for general maintenance of your outdoor area and backyard. The PV350 is a workhorse when it comes to vacuuming and cleaning and the included accessories makes it a perfect companion for outdoor maintenance. Be it Wet or Dry application, the large 35L canister with caster wheels, makes cleaning the most difficult areas, whether it’s the pond or the backyard, a breeze.


  • This multi-function pond vacuum can be used for either wet or dry applications.
  • Comes with a range of nozzles and accessories to meet the most demanding applications.
  • Equipped with a 4.5m suction hose and 1.5m discharge hose (for wet applications).
  • 10m power cable further compliments the features and convenience of this vacuum.
  • Caster wheels allow for easy transportation and use around your yard.
  • Features an automatic fill/drain system as well as a large 35L container holding capacity.
  • Large 35L cannister capacity
  • The PV350 has 2 modes
    • Manual on or off mode - Control the vacuum manually as you desire
    • Auto mode, which automatically turns off after 50 seconds of vacuuming to allow the water to drain from the canister for 50 seconds before starting up again.


  • Model: PV350L
  • Cable length (m): 10m
  • Capacity : 35L canister
  • Power (w): 1400W


  • 2 year Manufacturer's warranty 
  • Any tampering/removal of warranty/identification labels or electrical components will void warranty
  • Please read User Manual for further details & information