PondMAX 1 LED 1.8w 12v Low voltage Pond & Garden Spotlight Warm White DIY 04PL680


  • Safe low voltage system 12v 
  • 1.8w light equivalent to 20w brightness
  • Ultra-bright & energy saving (equivalent to 20w)
  • Adjustable angle
  • Includes garden spike & weighted base
  • IP rated for Outdoor use
  • Can be used as a single light or as a series of lights
  • DIY, means you may not need an elecritcian to connect this low voltage system
Don’t forget to buy the transformer, cables  & other accessories, to suit your Pond light : see list below.

Pond Lights are an easy way to highlight the beauty of the pond or garden and are a fantastic addition to any outdoor water feature or fountain – allowing illumination at night and the ability to create breathtaking display with less effort. 

The PondMAX 1 LED 12v 1.8w Pond & Garden Spotlight has been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality lighting for your water garden.

The next generation pond and Garden light, combines latest technology “chip” LED design with high quality glass reinforced plastic, this light is ultimate for any pond / garden owner. This light outputs up to 20 Watts of lights using only 1.8 Watts of power in a soft warm white light.

Comes complete with weighted base and garden spike for use in or out of your pond. Transformer not included (see options below).

Best ways to light a pond : Hiding lights among rocks or placing an underwater light near a waterfall. Pond lighting is commonly used to highlight fountains, waterfall, or sculptures, or simply just place them inside the pond to give a highlight effect


  • Safe low voltage system  
  • Ultra-bright & energy saving
  • Adjustable angle
  • Includes garden spike & base


  • Code:    04PL680
  • Model: 1 LED Spotlight
  • Power (W):         1.8
  • Cable length (M):             1.5
  • Lumens:               60
  • Colour: Warm White
  • Measurements (MM) - W X H X D: 30 x 50 x 80


  • 2 years PondMAX warranty 

Don’t forget to buy the transformer, cables  & other accessories, to suit your Pond light : see list below

Why not try combining the following to create an array of pond or garden lights with these components below:

1)      Light sensor (senses when it is night time to switch on your lights automatically) - <<Click HERE>>

2)      Outdoor rated 10m cable extension with connector - <<Click HERE>>       

3)      Outdoor rated 2m cable extension with connector <<Click HERE>>     

4)      IP 44 rated 5 way splitter - <<Click HERE>> 

5)      IP 44 rated 2 way splitter - <<Click HERE>>

6)      PondMAX 12v 30VA Outdoor Transformer - <<Click HERE>>

7)      Pondmax 12v 50.4VA Outdoor Transformer - <<Click HERE>>

Having trouble selecting the lights & suitable transformers, worry not, let our experts guide you. Contact us via email or phone and we will guide you.