O-Ring to suit Hozelock Bioforce & Vorton Quartz Tube assembly black retainer collar spigot - OR1

This O-ring fits onto the black retaining collar into the groove on the end of the quartz sleeve assembly of Hozelock Bioforce and Vorton units.

Suits all Hozelock Bioforce and Hozelock Vorton later Models which use this style of quartz tube assembly - 1523, 1524.

This O-ring fits into the black retaining collar spigot into the groove at the end of the quartz sleeve assembly.
Silicon lubricant must be used on this seal prior to installation to allow perfect seal and easy removal for lamp replacement.  

Suits the black collar spigot of the quartz sleeve assembly of:

  • Pre 2007 models Hozelock Bioforce 1100UVC-1311, 2200UVC-1312, 4500UVC-1313, 9000UVC-1314.
  • From 2008, models Hozelock Bioforce 3000UVC-1383, 5500UVC-1384, 8000UVC-1385 & 12000UVC-1386.
  • The Hozelock Bioforce as part of combo kits EcoClear 3000UVC - 1595 and EcoClear 5500UVC - 1596
  • Hozelock Vorton 2200-1550, 4500-1551, 9000-1552, 14000-1553, 18000-1554, 27000-1555.
  • Dimensions: 48mm