Small Block Filter - 200x100x100mm - F198

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Available in Black colour. Fits any pump with an inlet with outside diameter of 25mm.

This foam filter block reduces the maintenance on pond pumps which require a foam filter cartridge. It acts as both a mechanical filter to reduce particles blocking the fountain heads but also is a substantial benefit biologically to the pond if it is only carefully washed in pond water (not chlorinated town water). It is full of beneficial bacteria which aid the health of the pond eco-system.


  • Block Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 100mm. 
  • Fitting size: The white poly tube at the flared fitting end is approx 25.2mm ID and 28.5mm OD.
  • At the straight end it is 23.6mm ID and 26.7mm OD


  • HOZELOCK Pre year 2000 Models:  Cascade 100/100-S(3307), 1000S(94046), 1500S(3322), 2000S(3332), 1000(3312), 100LV/100-SLV(3007), 1000SLV, 1500SLV(3022), 2000SLV(3032), 1000LV(3012) (All 2 & 6 bladed models)
  • HOZELOCK CYPRIO Post year 2000 Models:  Cascade 600(3308), 600LV(3008), 1400(3313), 1400LV(3010)
  • RESUN Models: King 1AF & King 1AFL, King 2F & King 2AF
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