11W UVC Lamp - PL-S11WTUV G23 BASE - Hozelock 1521

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Suits Hozelock Bioforce, Vorton, Jebao PF30 & more. Ultra Violet (UV) lamp for use in pond water clarification, disinfection, germicidal, and sterilisation applications. Suits Hozelock 1521 applications

An alternative to the Philips 11W PL-S TUV

  Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981

11W PL-S TUV Lamp
This 11W UV bulb is also known as GBX11/UVC

UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm is generated by this 11W special lamp, which thus produces a bactericidal, germicidal and water clarication action.

Warning about dimensions: Many  lamps from China are non-standard and are too long in the metal base cap giving a 19mm long lamp base. These will not fit some UVC units unit. You will crack the quartz sleeve if forced.

Lamp Dimensions: 234mm long, 16mm long lamp base.


  • Hozelock Bioforce 9000UVC - 1314
  • Hozelock Bioforce 8000UVC - 1385
  • Hozelock Vorton 9000 UVC - 1552
  • Hozelock Vorton 14000 UVC - 1553
  • Hozelock Vorton 27 000 UVC - 1555 (requires 2 lamps)
  • Hozelock Vorton 11W UVC - 1559
  • pre-June 2001 Hozelock UVC 14000 - 3913
  • Jebao PF-30(PF30) Pressure filter
  • Aqua Nova NPF-30(NPF30) Pressure filter
  • Aqua Nova 11W UVC NUV-11 Ultra Violet Clarifier
  • Aquapro AP15000UV/11W (AP-15000) Pressure filter
  • Aquapro AP5000UV/11W (Series 11) Pressure filter
  • PondMax PF12000/11W UV Pressure filter
  • PondMax PF9000/11W UV Pressure filter
  • Resun UV-05 11W Submersible UVC
  • Resun UV-06 11W External UVC
  • Resun UV07-11W UVC
  • Resun UV08-11W UVC
  • Jebao JUVC-11 UVC
  • Jebao JUVC-11LV UVC
  • Oase Filtoclear 6000UV 11W
  • Oase Filtoclear 11000UV 11W
  • Oase Filtoclear 15000UV 11W
  • Cyprio UVC 2000 - B102
  • Cyprio UVC 3000 - B103
  • Cyprio UVC 6000 - B105
  • ABSOLUTE Ultra Clear Pond 11W UVC - model UCP11

This TUV ultra violet lamp is commonly used to sterilise medical instruments & used for the disinfection & sterilization of water as well as having many laboratory applications.

WARNING - DANGEROUS ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION. Radiation of this lamp is harmful to eyes and skin. Installations with these lamps are to be screened off completely.

UVC Lamp : Basic care & maintenance

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