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Tree Pruners & Saws

Tree Pruners & Saws

Fiskars Tree Pruners Australia - we are Australia's leading online supplier

We mainly stock the higher-end European manfactured range of tree pruners. Clever by design, after trying one, you would never go back to a rope model.

"Keep both feet planted firmly on the ground." That's good advice for lots of challenging situations, but a potential life saver when the time comes to prune trees, vines and other high growth. Hanging from a ladder, wrestling ropes and wrangling an uncooperative saw, is a tense endeavour under the best of circumstances. And if you happen to slip... Well, we don't even want to think about it. So, to keep you safely on the ground and out of a body cast, Fiskars engineers have come up with a whole range of tools to trim the tallest pruning tasks down to size. With smooth-cutting saws, the sharpest pruning blades and ultra-light handles that let you reach high into the branches. Suddenly a dangerous ordeal becomes a calm, safe weekend project. If you miss the thrill, you can always go bungee jumping.

SPARE PARTS - Replacement cutting heads, blades, tape & cord, handles, springs, branch saw blade, fruit picker bag

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