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Low Voltage Pond Pumps

Low Voltage Pond Pumps

Here you will find low voltage 12VAC and 24VAC pond pumps from 380L/hr to 4,000L/hr. They include a transformer power supply. Our brands include Hozelock UK Ltd and Resun King.

Low voltage AC powered pond & waterfeature pumps are most often used for applications where the mains power outlet is a long distance from the pond or it is difficult to access mains power safely at the pond. For these applications the low voltage cable can be easily & safely extended.

Low Voltage pond pumps use slightly more power than an equivalent mains power model for the same flow rate. There is heat energy loss from the transformer power supply to create the low voltage power.

Low Voltage Cable. You can extend the cable for the 24V models to be up to 60m long and the 12V models to 20m long

Replacement 24V transformers. A selection of transformers from 24VA to100VA