Aquascape Black Expanding Foam

Aquascape Black Expanding Foam

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Aquascape expandable black waterfall foam was created by professionals who install waterfalls for their customers. It is extensively used in the USA and Canada with Firestone PondGard EPDM lined ponds.

Aquascape Black Waterfall Foam Sealant has many advantages in pond waterfall construction.


  • Expands to fill voids between cascade rocks to firmly locate them in position when set.
  • By filling voids, most of the cascading water will be diverted down over the face of the cascade rocks & stones, rather than hidden behind.
  • Achieves the same result as black oxided mortar but with far less effort.
  • Embellishment pebbles & sands are easily bedded into the black foam before it sets, to make it invisible in the finished job
  • The foam will not crack in freezing climates.
  • Fish-friendly
  • Dries fast, setting in 20 minutes allowing fast project construction for landscape contractors
  • Designed to last 20 years with exposure to the elements

The black expanding foam is available here in either the DIY pressure pack can, supplied with dispersing straws, or in the professional can to be used with the dispensing gun and gun cleaning fluid to allow later use if the can is removed from the gun.

Please note: Best performance with this foam is obtained when the can temperature is between 16 to 26 deg C.

This product is not designed to make a pondage watertight. That is the job of the pond liner


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