24W UVC Lamp - PL-L24WTUV 2G11 BASE - UVL720 Suits Hozelock 1502

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Ultra Violet (UV) lamp for use in pond water clarification, germicidal, disinfection and sterilization applications. Suits Hozelock 1502.

This TUV ultra violet lamp is commonly used in pond water clarification, sterilizing medical instruments & used for the disinfection & sterilization of water as well as having many laboratory applications.

Lamp Dimensions: 315mm long (not including pins)


  • Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 9000UVC 24W - 1353 (as lamp part no. Hozelock 1502)
    Please note: You can delete the black plastic lamp end cap as it was only required for protection of the lamp during shipping of the filter
  • Resun UV-06 24W UVC Ultra Violet Clarifier.
  • Resun UV07-24W UVC
  • Jebao ECF-15000 24W UVC Biological Filter
  • >li>Blagdon Pro UVC 21600 (24W)

WARNING - DANGEROUS ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION. Radiation of this lamp is harmful to eyes and skin. Installations with these lamps are to be screened off completely.

UVC Lamp : Basic care & maintenance

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