Elevate Termination Bar (3.05m long) - W56RAC3061

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Elevate Termination Bar is intended for attaching and sealing approved Elevate EPDM membrane terminations or ends following correct Elevate Guidelines.

Please watch the Instructional Video below.

Elevate Termination Bar is corrosion resistant aluminium and is intended for fastening, attaching and sealing approved Elevate EPDM membrane terminations onto hard flat sound surfaces as indicated in the current Elevate Specialty Products specifications and details within the Elevate Installation Guidelines.


  • Material: 003-H14, 3105-H14 or 6063-T5 or T6 Aluminium
  • Length: 3.05m Width: 27.4mm
  • Thickness: 2.7mm
  • Hole Spacing: 99.8mm
  • Maximum permissible fastener spacing: Every third hole

View the following Elevate detail video below


Adhering PondGard Panel to a Substrate, finishing with a Termination Bar or Strip

Note the use of the following Elevate products for correct detailing of this process:

      1. Elevate Bonding Adhesive BA-2004 (could be substituted with Selleys Kwik Grip liquid grade only or Bostik Anchor-Weld 101R roller/brush grade contact adhesives) or for smaller applications of up to approx 6m², Elevate 7877 Spray Adhesive.
      2. Elevate Water Block Seal S-20
      3. Elevate Lap Sealant HS
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