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Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company.

A quality tool from the European made range

Power-Lever cutting action. 20cm carbon steel blades. Self sharpening blades. Lightweight. Overall length 55cm... Award Winner.

Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company.

A quality tool from the European made range

N.B.: Beware of the look-alike Fiskars PowerGear2 Asian manufactured range of products marketed by some retailers in Australia. It is NOT the same as the quality high-end Euro manufactured Fiskars PowerGear™X

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Geared & levered for ease of use - No single pivot hedge shear compares, Fiskars or other brand

Fiskars engineers, bless their pointy heads, love to enthuse about PowerLever's patented four-point pivot design. That's understandable, since the technology is their exclusive brainchild, hatched through painstaking study of body mechanics and perfected in the real world. But what we love is how Power-Lever Hedge Shears make us feel about twice as strong as we actually are, so we can whip that English hedge maze into shape in no time. 


  • The unique Power-Lever system increases cutting power 2.5 : 1
  • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge.
  • Fully hardened stainless steel blades hold sharp edge longer and resist rust.
  • Cuts the entire length of the 20cm blade.
  • Nyglass handles-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provides strength and durability.
  • Overall length 55cm.
  • Weight: Very light - 600g
  • Designed in Finland. Made in Poland

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  • Red Dot Design Award - Germany.
  • The iF International Forum Design award - Hannover. A design distinction with international recognition value.
  • Fennia Prize - Good design grows global - Design Forum Finland and the Fennia Group.

Warranty: 25 year Fiskars warranty against manufacturing defect.

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