Hozelock Fast Reel with 40m hose - Wall mounted Hand Wind Garden Hose Reel 2496

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Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

Complete easy pull-out & rewind hose system with 40m (130') x 12mm (Nominal bore) quality garden hose.
Includes wall mounting bracket and roller wall guide.
Patented self-layering rewind gives tangle free wound hose.

Includes 1" BSP Tap nut adaptor 2158 (for NSW customers)

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4.6 out of 5 Stars rating from 610 European reviews

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  Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

Rock Around The Block is Australia's most experienced & technical Hozelock dealer - Since 1986


Hozelock's Fast Reel technology - a world leader.  Our stocks are new & unopened with no missing bits, shipped direct from our warehouse.   All you need is a garden tap with a threaded spout and an electric drill to enable fastening of the unit to the wall.

4.6 out of 5 Stars rating from 610 reviews

You'll wonder why you've put up with your old stiff hose for so long.

Why do discerning buyers choose this 40m reel over a spring loaded auto reel?

  • Considerably easier to pull out the hose than from a spring loaded auto reel - No coil spring to pull against.
  • Smooth & effortless fast rewind with self layering of the hose not unlike the winding action of a fishing rod reel or sewing machine bobbin.
  • This model has a proven history of reliabilty & long working life. It is a far better product for regular use applications.
  • No possible broken rewind coil spring or failed locking devices that can render auto reels useless & dangerous after the warranty expires.
  • This reel allows easy DIY replacement of the hose if ever required


  • 40m (130') x 12mm (Nominal bore) quality hose, together with 2m long feeder hose and all required fittings, wall mounting bracket  and roller wall guide.
    Each reel is assembled, but needs the hose fittings fitted to the hose and the wall bracket & wall guide to be fastened with the supplied plugs & screws.

Includes  1" BSP Tap nut adaptor 2158 (for NSW customers)

  • Designed for use in medium to large gardens.
  • Self-layering technology, for quick, clean and efficient hose rewind.
  • Tough Polypropylene UV stabilised case - protects the hose, and extends its life
  • Anti overrun device to guarantee that the hose will not tangle.
  • Wall guide with rollers.
  • Complete with wall mount bracket, mounting screws & wall plugs.
  • 2m feeder hose for connection to threaded spout garden tap
  • Includes easy-to-follow diagrammatic operating & instruction manual in 13 languages.

If you want to mount the reel in an additional location, you will need:

  1. Additional Wall Mounting Bracket Kit, Hozelock Z21927
  2. Additional Universal Hose Guide, Hozelock 2392

Case: (H)500mm x (W)450mm x (D)360mm(including non-removable winder)
Screw hole spacing on rear mounting bracket: 210mm (between centres), two screws each end 67mm vertically apart.

PLEASE NOTE: Lengths of garden hose greater than 25m require town mains water pressure to achieve best flow rate.


  • 2 + 3 ( 5-years - see conditions) on Reel & Case: 2-year Guarantee against faults arising from defective manufacture or materials. You are entitled to an additional 3-years if you register your purchase with Hozelock.com

Manufactured by: Hozelock Ltd, in Birmingham UK - Hozelock's Hose Reel technology - a world leader.

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