Luise GL90 Float Switch with 5m neoprene cable (oil resistant)

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Oil resistant cable model.

Luise GL90 Float Switches Australia - Made in Italy.  Over the years we have sold these reliable units, we have never had a reported failure or return. This model has bared wires at the end. It requires installation by a licensed electrician. See the  wiring legend image of the float which indicates wiring  for either emptying or filling purposes.

Float switches are used to turn electric pumps on and off & are totally dependent on the liquid or water level. They are very easy to install and can be connected to any small or large pump.

The Neoprene cable provides excellent protection against weathering, UV light, most chemicals & oils, except ones which are extremely corrosive.  If you are unsure of the application we recommend that you seek advice.

Common applications:

  1. Industrial liquid waste management for automatic pump switching applications
  2. Water/oil waste liquids from sumps in auto workshops
  3. Any sump where better resistance to deterioration is required for the cable.  Advice may be needed for your application

Please Note - For Reliability: 

  • Float switches should ONLY be hard wired into a junction box. Avoid plug-connection into a power-point - switch off or disconnect means no pump!
  • Tethering the cable is preferable to using a counterweight

Rated: Italian Quality Mark (IMQ) 10(4)A 250V~ with 16A micro switch
10A = resistivity interruption power
(4) = inductive interruption power

Dimensions of float:  100 x 90 x 45mm
Minimum recommended sump dimension:  300 x 300 x 400mm deep (with cable tethered to the side & using a small pump)

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