Luise GL90 Float Switch with 5m PVC cable

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PVC cabled model - intended for use in water

Luise GL90 Float Switches Australia - Made in Italy.  Over the years we have sold these reliable units, we have never had a reported failure or return.  This model has bared wires at the end. It requires installation by a licensed electrician. See the  wiring legend image of the float which indicates wiring  for either emptying or filling purposes.

Float switches are used to turn electric pumps on and off,  & are totally dependent on the liquid or water level. They are very easy to install and can be connected to any small or large pump.

Common applications:

  1. Basement sump where unwanted water is collected during rainfall
  2. Refilling header tanks automatically, when low, from a lower storage tank
  3. Ponds which are often left unattended for long periods. Here the float switch safeguards the pump from burn-out when the pond is inadvertently emptied by evaporation or leak.

Please Note - For Reliability: 

  • Float switches should ONLY be hard wired into a junction box.   Avoid plug-connection into a power-point - switch off or disconnect means no pump!
  • Tethering the cable is preferable to using a counterweight

Rated: Italian Quality Mark (IMQ) 10(4)A 250V~ with 16A micro switch
10A = resistivity interruption power
(4) = inductive interruption power

Dimensions of float:  100 x 90 x 45mm
Minimum recommended sump dimension:  300 x 300 x 400mm deep (with cable tethered to the side & using a small pump)

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