O-Rings to suit Hozelock Bioforce / Vorton & from Year 2009 EasyClear Quartz Tube - (Package of 2) - OR785-PK2

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Suits all hozelock Bioforce UVC, Vorton UVC & EasyClear models (Package of 2)

Seals the 32mm diameter Quartz Tube - Package of 2

Suits all Hozelock Bioforce and Hozelock Vorton UVC, plus all models of Hozelock EasyClear:

  • Hozelock Bioforce 1100UVC-1311, Bioforce 2200UVC-1312, Bioforce 4500UVC-1313, Bioforce 9000UVC-1314, Bioforce 3000UVC-1383, Bioforce 5500UVC-1384, Bioforce 8000UVC-1385, Bioforce 12000UVC-1386
  • The Hozelock Bioforce as part of combo kits EcoClear 3000UVC - 1595 and EcoClear 5500UVC - 1596
  • Hozelock Vorton 2200UVC-1550, Vorton 4500UVC-1551, Vorton-9000UVC-1552, Vorton-14000UVC-1553. Vorton 18000UVC-1554, Vorton 27000UVC-1555
  • Hozelock EasyClear 3000 - 3003
  • Hozelock EasyClear 3000 - 1760
  • Hozelock EasyClear 3000LV - 3113
  • Hozelock EasyClear 6000 - 3006
  • Hozelock EasyClear 6000 - 1764
  • Hozelock EasyClear 6000LV - 3116
  • Hozelock EasyClear 9000 - 3009
  • Hozelock EasyClear 9000 - 1768
  • Dimensions: 39mm

Please Note: These two O-rings seal the quartz tube/sleeve into the assembly of the Bioforce, Vorton and EasyClear units. See the blue arrows in the More views for details These black rings may replace the green original O-ring seals.

Early models:
Use water only as lubricant when installing the quartz sleeve through the O-ring seals in the early models. Any other lubricant will allow the sleeve to slide out in use. The quartz sleeve is retained by friction.

Later EasyClear Models 1760, 1764 &1768: Silicone lubricant is required on the O-rings when fitted to the quartz tube with the flaired end. This prevents the compression nut from dragging & distorting the O-rings when compressed by the nut.

Phone or email for advice to assist in fitting if required.

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