Silicone Rubber Seam Roller Convertible - 50mm

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Membrane roofing & lining seaming tool, single fork with cushion grip 140mm handle. Roller 50mm diam x 50mm long

Convertible Silicone Seam Roller - 50mm

Ideal for work with Firestone EPDM rubber membrane, flashing & seaming systems. These rollers & tools are considered the best in the trade.

Dimensions: Silicone rubber roller 50mm diameter x 50mm long. Soft grip handle 140mm long.


  • Quality silicone roller - considered the best available
  • Single fork
  • The soft grip handle has provision in the end to screw in an extension handle - generally a paint roller extension handle
  • Ideal for close-up hands-on work where extra pressure is required or then rolling of long seams whilst standing

Made in USA

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