Aquatran Transformer 24V AC 100VA (100 watt) IP67 Outdoor Toroidal - AQO24-100

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This high-performance toroid-based transformer is epoxy encapsulated for maximum protection outdoors from wind, rain and general ingress. Rated to IP67 by an independent laboratory, it is suited to powering a wide range of applications from outdoor garden and pond lighting, suitable low voltage pump applications and remote telemetry equipment. It may be buried in the garden to eliminate visual impact on the landscape & is protected against the effects of immersion in water.  It is the best outdoor power supply available. We have never had a warranty claim or requested replacement.


  • Rated IP67. Can be buried underground - flood-proof, hose-proof & weatherproof.
  • Rugged polycarbonate enclosure
  • Thermal and UV stable epoxy resin encapsulate
  • SELV (separated or safety extra low voltage) output
  • Designed and approved to NSW 22116 - AS/NZS/EN 61558.2.6
  • Dimmable with the latest technology universal dimmers or leading edge dimmers - check specifications in relation to wire wound iron core transformer capability.
  • For wall mounting or in-ground burial.
  • Primary 240V / 50Hz
  • Secondary Output (zero load): 24+VAC
  • Built in auto-resetting thermal protection.
  • Complete with 1.8m flex and plug & 800mm 8mm2 low voltage cable.
  • Comes with 20mm conduit adaptors for hard wiring to mains & low Voltage.
  • Must be installed in accordance with AS3000 wiring standards.
  • Weatherproof & virtually waterproof - can be used outdoors.   
  • Dimensions: 110W 135H 65D mm
  • Weight: 2.3kg

We supply this transformer to substitute as a much higher IP rated (weatherproof), better quality and cheaper product to replace the following Hozelock transformer models:

  • Hozelock 24 Volt 60VA IP44 - Z13200 / 3863-000 / 94110-000
  • Hozelock 24V 60VA IP40 - 62535-000
  • Hozelock 24 Volt 65VA IP44 - 94660-000
  • Hozelock 24 Volt AC 80VA IP44 - Z13198 / 62525-000 / 62507-001


  • Cascade 1000SLV - 94069-000
  • Cascade 2000S-LV -94070-000 (original production model)
  • Cascade 1500LV - 3022
  • Cascade 2000-SLV - 3032
  • Cascade 1000LV - 3053
  • Cascade 1500LV - 3054
  • Cascade 2000LV - 3024
  • Cacscade 3000LV - 3034
  • Cascade 4000LV - 3044
  • Cascade 100LV, 600LV (pre December 2000) and up to 8 Hozelock Low Voltage Lights or
  • Cascade 700LV and up to 8 Hozelock Low Voltage Lights
  • Cascade 1400LV - 3010, 1000LV - 3012 (pre December 2000)
  • Easyclear 3'n1 LV - 3027
  • Easyclear 4'n1 LV - 3028
  • EasyClear 3000LV -3113
  • EasyClear 6000LV - 3116
  • Up to 10 Hozelock 24V Low Voltage Lights

Hozelock LV pump use: If you choose to use this weatherproof transformer in place of the Hozelock 24VA, 60VA, 65VA and 80VA models for low voltage pump applications and require the Hozelock/Tamiya socket connector, please select the connector in Options above. We will solder it to the transformer fly lead, but please tick the box to remind us.

Warranty: 5 year limited manufacturing fault warranty.
The Aquatran AQO range are designed and engineered in Australia and fabricated in China.

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