Hozelock 2460 Large Assembled Metal Garden Hose Reel Cart (90m) without hose

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  Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

Our largest capacity metal cart is lightweight, ready assembled and can hold up to 90m of 12.5mm ID or 50m of 19mm ID soft & flexible garden hose (with limitations - see below).
Supplied without hose, so you can choose your own or store your existing. Hose is not supplied with this reel.

Fully assembled

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  Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain

NEW in Australia

This robust and mobile hose cart comes with 2 x 2166 hose end click-on connectors for use with bare ended 12.5mm garden hose. The reel has strong zinc plated steel tube leg & handle components.

It is fully assembled

Our stocks are new & unopened with no missing bits, shipped direct from our warehouse.

Best value quality hose reel of it's type in Australia.  Just wind-up your existing tangled fitted hose or select a hose from our 15m, 30m or 50m  excellent quality French manufactured anti-kink knitted Hozelock Garden Hoses - click the link to see the range.

 Key Benefits Include:

  • Supplied fully assembled. You fit the hose of your choice
  • Made from durable, rust-proof, high quality zinc plated steel
  • An extra tall towing handle ensures moving around the garden is easy
  • Soft-grip telescopic handle for comfort, which can be retracted for easy storage
  • A large handle and sturdy frame, ensures quick and easy rewinding

Supplied with:

  • 2 x 2166 hose end click-on 12.5mm hose end connectors to allow you to make your own 12.5mm connection hose to the supplied threaded tap connector.

This reel allows you to install your existing or new fitted hose. No other fittings are required.

Stores up to:

  • 90m of 12.5mm ID standard soft flexible garden hose
  • 50m of 19mm ID standard soft flexible garden hose (with limitations - see below)
    Please note:
    When reeling in 19mm garden hose filled with water it is considerably heavier than when winding in 12.5mm garden hose. It contains nearly 2.3 times more water, but with the increased size of hose it is effectively 3x times heavier to wind in over similar brand 12.5mm garden hose.  You will need to walk back with the nozzle in your hand & then go back out to again to pull back in more hose to the reel from the loop so that you reduce the winding load effort. Otherwise you will be fighting to stop the reel wanting to be dragged out along the hose as you attempt to wind it in. This is why you don't see many 19mm hoses wound onto reels. In commercial use such as nurseries, swimming pool centres, dairies, car yards etc, normally the hose is either tucked away along a garden edge, against a wall or fence-line or even hand coiled into a large diameter coil on the ground in an appropriate place.

Dimensions: (See More views)

  • Trolley handle height: 960mm (extended), 580mm (retracted)
  • Reel: 415mm diam x 215mm internal width
  • Width across wheels: 425mm wide. Max width including handle knob: 500mm
  • Depth: 455mm
  • Strong zinc plated steel tube components: 20mm diameter

Hints about water flow in pipes:

  1. Water flow (litres per hour) is dependant on both diameter of the pipe and the head pressure of the water supply at the tap.
  2. Narrow pipes of say 12.5mm ID (internal diameter) need very high pressure of say 700kpa to get acceptable flow through any pipe over 30m -50m length. There is substantial swirling friction created by the pipe wall within which reduces flow (not the pressure)
  3. Larger diameter pipes & hose pipes of 18 or 19mm will allow double the flow compared to 12.5mm ID pipes as there is no internal swirling down the centre of the pipe which impedes the flow. Water is able to be pushed undisturbed straight down the centre.


  • 2 + 3 ( 5-years - see conditions) on Reel & Case: 2-year Guarantee against faults arising from defective manufacture or materials. You are entitled to an additional 3-years if you register your purchase with Hozelock.com

Manufactured by: Hozelock Ltd, in Birmingham UK - Hozelock's Hose Reel technology - a world leader.

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