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Geotextile Underlay Fabric

Geotextile Underlay Fabric

Propex® Geotextiles are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures.

Propex® nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured from the extrusion of fibres which are then laid down on a manufacturing “bed” and then needle punched to entangle the fibres such that a dimensionally stable product is formed. Some additional thermal treatment is then applied to further improve the strength of the geotextile. Because of this manufacturing process non-woven geotextiles are generally best used in applications of drainage, filtration and protection.

Polypropylene geotextiles are highly durable & resistant to all naturally occuring soil acids and alkalis, and unaffected by fungi or bacteria

We supply Propex® Geotextiles - See product data sheet on each product.

Supplied as:

  • Propex AS501 grade (2m & 4m widths x 200m length rolls) or cut to length off the roll.

  • Propex AS801 grade (2m & 4m widths x 115m length rolls) or cut to length off the roll.

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