Low Voltage Garden Light Cable 140/0.3 (10 sq mm) Fig 8 Black PVC - 100m Reel

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The only efficient way to get runs of up to 60m long of 12V garden lights.  10mm² Low Voltage Cable - This 100m roll price works out at only $5.20/m.

Quality cable manufactured in Sydney, Australia by Bambach Wire and Cables Pty Ltd.  Super Extra Heavy Duty Insulated Low Voltage Cable - Full 100m roll.


  • 140/0.3 (10mm²) Fig 8 Black PVC Flex.
    (Each conductor is approx 4.3mm diameter & contains 140 x 0.3mm diameter copper strands giving a total area of 10mm²).
  • Cable outside dimensions: Nominal 13.5mm x 6.5mm.

This our recommended main trunk cable for our range of quality 12V AC Low Voltage Outdoor Halogen & LED Garden and Pond Lights & other 12VAC applications. It is very thick & capable of carrying 12V AC over long runs of 60m before any noticeable voltage drop. You can run multiple branches of this cable directly from the transformer. It is not normally available through hardware stores. We suggest all 12V connections to be soldered using the Nicholson 80W Soldering Iron or similar for superior performance. As 12V is "low pressure voltage" you need permanent connection that NO clip-on connector (sealed or not) can ever achieve.
Buy in roll quantities, either 50m roll ($8.40/m) or 100m roll ($8.05/m)

Manufacturer:  Bambach Wire and Cables Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia

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