Hozelock 12L Knapsack Backpack Pressure Sprayer Plus - 4712A

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The class leaders in plastic garden sprayers

The ultimate lightweight (only 3.4kg) heavy duty backpack knapsack sprayer for the large backyard garden. Made in France & popular throughout the world. 3 years Guarantee - see conditions
Spare Parts & Seals available

The class leaders in plastic garden sprayers

The Hozelock Plus 12 Litre sprayer is a lightweight (only 3.4kg) multipurpose, effective large pressure sprayer for outdoor use and can conveniently be carried on your back.

Made in France by Hozelock Exel

Made especially for use with water-based solutions of insecticide, fungicide, weedkillers & fertilizers. This ultimate heavy duty model is specially designed for spraying larger areas over longer periods.

Practical features include:

  • Extra large 12 Litre container specifically designed for spraying larger areas and covers up to 270m2
  • Built in carry handle in the vessel. This is first redesign since inception over 20 years ago.
  • Adjustable cone nozzle from jet to mist
  • Accurate and even application of water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides & water-soluble fertilisers.
  • Equipped with a contoured container, which has been shaped to comfortably fit the operators back.
  • Qualilty 60mm wide x 320mm long padded area on the soft fabric shoulder straps.
  • Ergonomically designed spraying handle..
  • Simply action to depress the trigger for intermittent spot spraying or hold down the button for continuous spraying.
  • A joy to use, this pump offers maximum performance with minimum effort to ensure ease of use.
  • Easily be adapted for right or left handed use.
  • Hose length: 136cm
  • Includes 635mm long aluminium alloy lance/nozzle assembly.
  • Distinctive yellow/white colour.
  • Spare parts back-up support for seals & wearing parts
  • Weight of empty sprayer on your back: 3.15kg
  • Optional extra accessories available such as:

Understanding the use of this sprayer:

  • The unit is NOT a pressure vessel. It requires a constant gentle up and down motion of the lever to keep pressure within the pump chamber. This allows it give a uniform flow to the spray nozzle.
  • If spray still comes out of the nozzle when the trigger is closed, this is caused by compressed air bubbles in the lance tube. On first use for the day and between each charge always spray into the air or high up onto a wall or post to purge this air out of the lance tube through the nozzle. The spray will then shut-off instantly. This applies to all pressurised lance type sprayers, no matter what brand. If you extend a telescopic lance during use, air will be drawn in through the nozzle and so the same purging procedure will need to be repeated.

Warranty: 3 Year guarantee as stated on carton. Hozelock guarantees this sprayer against manufacturing defects arising from faulty materials & workmanship providing it is used in accordance with the instructions (Excludes wear & tear on seals, valves, handle, hose & lance assembly & nozzle or carry straps, rods & levers).

Manufacturer: Hozelock Exel France

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