12V-24V MR16 Outdoor Inground Twin Adjustable Spike Light Aged Brass Low Voltage LED Pathlight Aqualux AQL-410-B3

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The AQL-410 is a twin head Pathlight with 60cm stem spike mount.

Constructed using solid cast brass, this high-quality, stylish and long-lasting LED Spike light is an ideal choice for lighting a pathway. 

Wide range of directional adjustment.

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Outdoor spike lights are the most popular type of garden lights as they offer the easiest way to have a well-lit pathway with gorgeous architectural and modern brilliance. You can now add that nighttime sparkle to your backyard with these durable, energy efficient and attractive range of LED Low Voltage spike lights.

The AQL-410 is a twin head Pathlight with 60cm stem spike mount. Constructed using solid cast brass, this high-quality, stylish and long-lasting LED Spike light is an ideal choice for lighting a pathway. It will create an exquisite feel to your house’s exterior area, while still providing safety and security. It also comes with two complimentary LED globes for the twin head lamp, pre-fixed for your convenience.

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  • One of the most durable and popular exterior light fittings
  • Luxury finish – Solid cast Brass construction with Aged Brass finish
  • Inground Adjustable Spike Light or Pathlight
  • Heavy rugged construction designed for optimal outdoor performance.
  • Solid cast Brass body and stem
  • 210deg adjustable lamp head rotation.
  • Silicon rubber O-ring sealed hood
  • Convexed glass lens for better refraction of light.
  • Tough reinforced plastic spike
  • Complimentary replaceable LED 12V globes included.
  • MR16 lamp fitting


  • Material: Solid cast Brass construction with 3mm toughened glass lens
  • Input Voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Replaceable Globes Included: 2 x LED MR16 GU5.3 Warm White 3000K 36deg 500LM 12V 4W (Included)
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Cable: 500mm Twin Lead Figure 8
  • Manufacturer: Telectran Aqualux
  • Application: Pathways, sideways, Uplights, Coastal Use
  • Dimensions:
  • o Stem height: 600mm
  • o Stem diameter: 25mm
  • o Lamp head height: 130mm
  • o Individual Lamp head diameter: 56mm
  • Warranty: 5 years (excludes Lamp)

Basic types of Outdoor Lighting Effects

Lighting can create a wonderful sense of theatre in your garden, by casting dramatic shadows and creating depth at night. Lighting effects could broadly be classified into two main categories – Uplighting & Downlighting.

Uplighting involves installing directional lights on the ground facing upwards such as under trees or architectural elements. Wall lights, Spotlights and Spike lights are the most common examples of Uplight fixtures. This kind of lighting helps to create surface depth and shadows by creating columns of light. For example, a well-placed spike light can not only create a warm glow at the base of the tree, but will also silhouette surrounding foliage textures and pick out other delicate details of the crown of the tree.

Downlighting on the other hand has the light fixture installed at a higher (above ground) location pointing downwards. Most commonly used downlight fixtures include Wall lights, Path lights, and Festoon lights.

Both uplighting and downlighting support the primary functionality of exterior lighting – safety- while also enhancing the overall appeal. For example, placing path lights evenly on both sides of the path will help to enhance aesthetics while ensuring safety without blinding while walking along the pathway. Similarly, it is amazing to note how a simple string festoon light can transform a dark and uninviting garden into a twinkling, magical space perfect for family get togethers.

However, care must be taken to correctly place the fixtures to get the desired outcome. For example, it needs to be ensured that the uplight fixtures are not pointing directly at doors or windows, as this will severely affect visibility from inside the house. Placing the light source in an angle will however have a very rewarding outcome.

Plug and Play Solar Path Lights vs Low Voltage Path Lights

Outdoor lighting not just elevates your outdoor living environment by creating that warm welcoming ambience for but also adds to the overall property value, by making it more appealing & safer at night. Path Lights are one of the most commonly used outdoor lights. They outline boundaries for walkways and gardens to keep guests on the right track.

Path lights could be categorised as a collection of different types of lights such as Bollards, Spike lights, Spot lights, Deck lights, Uplights/Downlights etc. This is so because based on your garden terrain you have a wide variety to choose the most suitable path light. For example, to illuminate a smaller pathway, while complementing it with that nighttime sparkle, installing short bollard lights will be just appropriate. On the other hand, if you have a retaining wall next to your pathway, then one of the best options to light up the walkway will be using sleek step lights. Similarly, if you wish to highlight certain features along your walkway such as arches, adjustable spotlight path lights could be a great choice. All these types of Path lights are available in professionally manufactured Low Voltage units or as cheaply constructed self-contained solar powered lights available at local hardware stores.

Although easy to install, we recommend our buyers to refrain from using cheap solar lights due to their poor manufacturing quality. The low cost of such solar lights are indicative of their poor workmanship. Most of such cheap solar lights will stop working not long after they have been installed.

Low Voltage LED lights on the other hand are manufactured using high quality material and are incredibly durable. Whilst fairly simple DIY setup, low voltage lighting involves the use of a transformer, connectors and cables, which may seem daunting at first. However, these lights are set-and-forget kind of installations with minimal ongoing maintenance. In addition, a Low Voltage lighting systems are much more versatile and customisable for individual needs with better selection of durable, high-quality fixtures. They emit significantly more light than solar powered fixtures and present wider choice to the user with regard to the Kelvin Temperature, lumen output, and beam spread. There significantly smaller size means that they can be used in locations where solar fixtures may not be practical.

Hence to summarise, Quality, Durability, & Value are the 3 reasons why we request our customers to consider Low Voltage LED path lights over poor quality Solar lights.

Guide for Spacing between lights & Cable length

Undoubtedly you can enjoy the landscape lights only when they are correctly spaced. If placed too close to each other, the lights could get overwhelming and if placed too far apart, may make the area appear not well lit.

A generic guideline for spacing between units for various types of garden lighting is as below. However, please note that this highly depends on your garden terrain / layout (for e.g., lots of corners and undercover area will need more lights) and most importantly, your preference with amount of light that you are comfortable with.

  • Deck lights: 1.5m to 1.8m apart
  • Step lights: 2 per tread for wide stairs else 1.2m to 1.5m apart
  • Wall lights: 2.5m to 3m apart
  • Spike lights: 1.2m to 1.8m apart
  • Path lights: 1.8m to 2.0m apart

Be careful not to over-light (as it is easy to overdo it).

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