Aqualux Hydra Brushed Chrome Plated Brass 12V-24V Pond Light AQL-415-BC-M

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Previous Code: ASL-04-BR. New code: AQL-415-B3-M

The ultimate pond light and surface mounted wall light. Solidly engineered & sealed cast brass, with brushed chrome plated finish.

Superior to stainless steel in coastal or salt water applications

LED or Halogen drop-in bulb option - please select.

Consider the 24V MultiVoltage LED globe advantage. Lower Wattage - very long cable runs on 24V with 3.3mm² cable

Previous Code: AQL-415-BC-M. New code: AQL-415-B1-M

Surface Mount IP68 brushed chrome plated solid cast brass Pond Spotlight - Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The ultimate Pond Light. - Engineered for longevity - Superior to Stainless Steel

Consider our latest technology MultiVoltage 24V - 12V AC or DC 4W LED globe advantage. Lower Wattage - very long cable runs when powered by 24V using thin 3.3mm² cable

Please Note: This light fitting, as supplied, is air & watertight except at the connection to your low Voltage power supply cable. If the connection is inundated with water when the light is switched off, water will be drawn back up the cable into the fitting as it cools. Connections must be sealed to IP68 rating (water & airtight) to prevent electrical damage.


  • You will need to connect this low voltage light fitting to Low Voltage cable and 12V or 24V Transformer
  • Long 4m cable.
  • Heavy rugged, brushed chrome plated solid cast brass construction designed for salt air outdoor locations or submersed in salt or fresh water ponds/pools and water features.
  • Ideal for marine use on sea vessels
  • Spring loaded lamp support to prevent lamp dislodgement
  • Includes stainless steel screws and wallplugs for mounting.
  • Sealed flange plate to glass with a securely located heavy sil-Micone rubber O-ring .
  • Potted encapsulated cable gland entry
  • Heavy glass lens.
  • IP68 Rated for fully submersible use.
  • Cable length (Fly lead) - Round rubber 8mm diam twin round flex, approx 4m long.
  • Suits our range of LED AC/DC globes and others, plus 20W or 35W MR16 dichroic halogen bulbs (50W halogen bulbs are not permitted)
  • Weight: 1.3kg

For Aqualux 24V/12V Voltage Drop Calculator regarding cable sizing & distance, click link

Warranty: 3 year limited manufacturing fault warranty, excluding bulb.
Manufacturer: Telectran Aqualux

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